Milk Cultures

At BioCheck we offer 2 different testing protocols for milk culturing:

1) Routine culturing of mastitis samples

Mastitis culture for major pathogens (Staph aureus, coliform, CN-Staph, Enviro-strep). This test is frequently run on cows with clinical mastitis to identify the major bacterial pathogens causing mastitis on the dairy.  Coliform speciation can be added on to coliform positive samples. We also offer antibiotic sensitivites if requested.

Knowing the bugs that cause mastitis on your farm can help you and your veterinarian with development of treatment protocols. 

2) Staph aureus screen on samples collected from the whole herd, high SCC cows, or bulk tank samples

This is a is a fast economical test that screen for Staph aureus infection only.


For more information on proper milk collection technique talk to your herd health veterinarian or see our sampling procedure protocol.  

Turnaround time: 48-72 hours.