Paratuberculosis (Johnes Disease)

Paratuberculosis is a chronic and contagious enteritis that affects cattle as well as all other ruminants (eg. sheep, goats, llamas, deer and elk).  This disease is characterized in cattle by persistant diarrhea, progressive weight loss, debilitation and eventually death but infected animals may appear healthy for months to years.  In dairies, Johne's disease can lead to lower pregnancy rates, reduced milk production and milk with lower fat and protein content and higher somatic cell scores.

Because animals may carry the disease without clinical signs, infection often goes undetected. By testing with a sensitive, yet cost-effective ELISA and implementing a management plan, producers can accurately identify Paratuberculosis infection, improve herd health and increase profits.

Bovichek is an in vitro diagnostic test kit for detection of antibodies to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in cattle, sheep and goats and can be used on serum and milk.  Test specificities are 99% with sensitivities from 45% up to 80% in cattle.  Sensitivity of this test increases with the progression on the infection. 


Test Method:  ELISA

Sample Requirement:  Serum or milk

Lab Testing Time: Same day